• Back in Jos, Nigeria 

    We are now in Jos, Nigeria waiting to be able to move into the house we are going to rent for a year, last update is the it will be ready on Monday the 12th of February. We are so much looking forward to get our own place again, We left our appartement in Aalborg, Denmark on December 13th last year and have stay with family and friends. We just send out our newsletter that talks about the work we have started at the center and the work that needs to be done before we can really start up the mission work again, please pray that God will send workers and funds to do His work. 

  • Time to move again

    Yes it is now time to move back to Nigeria, we will leave Denmark on December 28th.

    So we have send out our newsletter not so long ago,

    if you did not get it you can just click here for the English version or click here for the Danish version.

    We have also made some folders that talk more about us and what we are going to do,

    to get it just click here for English version or click here for Danish version.

    For more info about Urban Frontiers Mission click here for English version or click here for Danish version.

  • Getting ready for Mission

    After almost 2 years in Denmark is it time to get ready for mission again, sometime in 2017 will we move back to Mission work, so it is time again to find support to be able to live as missionaries, so please stand with us in pray to be able to get the needed support.

  • Apartment in Aalborg

    We have an apartment in Aalborg now, but we need 15.000 DKK to be able to move.
    Olimometer 2.52
    We have it from December 1th 2014, also I Ivan will get my old job back from December.
    Please be apart of praying for us that all the money we need will come in, we need more then the 15.000 DKK
    but the 15.000 DKK we need ASAP to get the apartment, we also need more things for the apartment.
    God bless you all.